For the past two decades, web users have been plagued by CAPTCHAs that insisted that the visitor prove that they were not a bot.

Feel like we're on the verge of the inverse, where sites will have to prove to visitors that a human was in the loop.

Good luck with the web standard. Twenty years ago, I was working with Creative Commons' embedded license statements in content:


Might be time to start looking into those older conversations and thinking about what it may mean for someone to receive a cryptographically-enforced "AI-Free" token that can be revoked as soon as someone is caught violating that standard.

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What sets AI apart from every other technological disruption, is that AI is the replacement for everything. It is not narrow in scope.

All recommendations to move on to do something better will simply be obsolete and many before you can even plan a course of action to do so.

I've also written further on the topic here FYI - https://dakara.substack.com/p/ai-and-the-end-to-all-things

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