i have been thinking about the personal stylist for a while. I should use this as a sign that it’s time.

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> Good tomatoes. Tomatoes probably have the biggest range of taste. Good ones taste like the pure joy of a summer afternoon, while the bad ones remind you of a childhood in Soviet Poland. Unfortunately, the good ones are not always available, which is more reason to take the opportunity when it presents itself.

Hah! I'm probably giving a lighting talk in dotcom meetup about eating better tomatoes in November.

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Love the idea of affordable luxuries.

The Barefoot Investor (Australian rip-off of I Will Teach You To Be Rich) has a chapter on getting the best pillow you can afford as a way to drastically improve your sleeping, which after all is 1/4 to 1/3 of your day.

There are relatively affordable things many of us can do to increase quality of life with excellent ROI.

Together with "Pay for that repair" I would add "Pay for that installation". We bought a new dishwasher last week. I could have installed it myself but spent the extra $200 to have it installed. It turned out that a hole had to be enlarged. I would have had to drive to the hardware store and get a new tool, turning the installation in a half-day job.

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